Teassert is a look-a-like food package aimed to create a culturally enjoyable and environmentally sustainable tea drinking experience. It contains two types of tea leaves (Oolong and Pu-Erh) and snacks (dark melon seeds and roasted peanuts) that are traditionally enjoyed by people when they drink tea. There are multiple re-usable “bonuses” in the package, including a Dim Sum recipe, book marks, coasters, a set of bamboo steam basket and a pair of tea leaf scoop which can also be used as chopsticks. All the wrappings of tea leaves, snacks and chopsticks in the package are created without using adhesive. Users can find instructions in two languages – English and Mandarin.


Winner of 2014 Adobe Design Achievement Awards: Semi-Finalist in Packaging
RGD 2014 Student Awards: Finalist in Packaging

Featured in IdN Magazine: Packaging Design Issue
Gallery Magazine Vol.30 by Chois Publishing 


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